Samuel Adeyanju

PhD Student
University of British Columbia, Canada

Research interests: African Environmental Politics, Political Ecology, Integrated Landscape Approaches, Community Forestry, Forest Policy, Climate Change

Samuel Adeyanju is a Forestry PhD student and Four-Year Doctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada under the supervision of Dr. Terry Sunderland. He specializes in the political ecology of natural resource management in Africa. His doctoral research investigates the impact of livelihood intervention strategies on rural communities participating in community based natural resources management programs in Ghana. Prior to starting his PhD, Samuel interned at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization HQ in Rome, Italy.In 2017, he received the prestigious fully funded Mastercard Foundation Scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in Forestry at the University of British Columbia. Samuel’s MSc thesis on the preservation of sacred forests for biodiversity conservation in Southwest Nigeria was featured on Forbes in 2021. He holds a First-Class Bachelor's degree in Forestry & Wood Technology from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria.Samuel has over four years of experience in climate change advocacy and has participated at high-level UN processes such as UNFCCC COP23, (Bonn 2017), and the 1st UN Secretary-General Youth Climate Summit (New York 2019) to raise advocacy for nature-based solutions and climate justice.He has co-authored 4 peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters, 1 preprint, and delivered 7 national and international conference presentations and received over $200,000 in scholarships, travel and research funding. His research has been published in International Journal of the Commons, International Forestry Review, proceedings of the World Forestry Congress and CIFOR Forest News.Samuel currently serves on the Advisory Group of the Commonwealth Forestry Association, the United Kingdom.Samuel's profile both as a current and former student at UBC can be accessed in the links below: (Alumni Profile at former lab) (Alumni profile) (MSc proflie)

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Other Writings
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